Instrumentation Supply

Havelibmt Valves offer an extensive range of pressure gauges complete with certification if required, temperature gauges, thermometers, flow sight glasses, tank level content gauges, and indicators for industrial, marine, and HVAC applications.

A range of bourdon tubes, differential, diaphragm, capsule, dry seal, and hygienic chemical seal pressure gauges are available with certification.

Pressure Gauges

Sika Thermometers

Durable and reliable Sika V-shaped thermometers are particularly suitable for marine and industrial environments.

Tank Level Gauges & Indicators

Tank level content gauges, indicators, and gland and sleeve packed cock sets are suitable for a variety of applications supplied from stock.

Temperature Gauges

Sight Glasses & Flow Indicator

Pressure & Flow Switches

Industrial, marine, and HVAC temperature gauges are available with various temperature ranges, dial sizes, and connections.

A range of flow indicators including single and double windowed sight glasses with ball and spinner flow indication.

Havelibmt valves offer pressure and flow switches with various connections and materials to suit a variety of applications.